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    HJ-Research offers academics, those with a general interest and collectors of Hitler Youth (HJ), Bund Deutscher Mädel (BDM), Deutsches Jungvolk (DJ) and Jungmädel (JM) militaria the opportunity to discuss all aspects of this Third Reich youth movement and to show and discuss its militaria collectables. Training, organisation, equipment, insignia, uniforms, the history of the movement and its precursors are among the many, many subject areas covered.

    A further aim of the forum is to strive to consolidate, validate and to deepen information. In doing this we aim to remove the many misconceptions and grey areas that facilitate those who would flood the collector market with fakes. To this end we have recently added a HJ-Research Wiki to the forum. This is an ongoing project which we hope will become an extremely valuable tool and we would welcome your participation.

    In order to uncover fakes or to confirm the authenticity of a given item or statement, the collector must look to history first. History and detective work can often give us the answers we need and where it does not give us a full answer we should employ logic and our collective experience. These are some of the strengths of HJ-Research and we are always looking for like-minded souls to join us in the search for new information and to share what they have learned.

    **We like to see active members so please bear in mind that we do require a minimum level of participation. If you are considering the registration of a new account with us, please note that you will be unable to view full-size attachments until your account has achieved active status. The achievement and maintenance of an active account is very simple and if you would like to know more about the process you might like to visit this thread. Those who see merit in the aim of this forum will experience no difficulty whatsoever in keeping their account active

    We also have two paid subscription options which give you greatly expanded access to the forum. These paid subscription accounts always have active status, even if the member never makes a post and are therefore useful for members who might not have a need to make posts**

    We look forward to hearing from you on the forums!

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