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    AHS drill pants - Who knows something abou them?

    I've got this AHS drill pants for 50 euros, they had the RZM tag and where it was now is an AHS stamp. I do not know really when these pants was introduced, and never seen them in use on photos. Could someone give some more info on these pants? They did appeared one or two years ago by some dealers and auctions.

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    I've often had the same thoughts. I see these for sale on many sites at times, always with the "AHS" stamp.

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    I think they're good, they're exactly as RZM say for the MHJ drill pants, but the AHS stamp is what I do not understand on them.

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    Exactly, they are good MHJ Klappenhose (like described in Angolia).
    Could be that they were used by the AHS, but I haven't seen period photo's of AHS students wearing them.

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    Today i've noticed something on these pants, and the AHS stamp is missing the dot after the letters. All original examples of these stamp are marked as "AHS." and the shape of letters is different too!
    Here are two from my collection and another one from lauri's collection.
    Maybe these stamps are made to upgrade these pants?
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    Hmm, a keen eye! Perhaps they are embellished with a false stamp! If someone has another item with the same stamp as the pants please show the stamp for all to learn from.

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    This one was posted on a Dutch forum and sold as Marine-HJ pants on their 'e-stand'.
    Supposedly, there is also a topic on them on WAF.
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    For me it is a good one, but the AHS stamp is not original for me. Going to see if I find the WAF topic.

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