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    Bann 110 HJ Stammführer tunic and breeches

    well I wrote last year that I was offered a HJ Tunic from a visitor of my Museum. I finally was able to see it a day ago and I took it home :-)
    It seems ok to me, boards from Heidelberg as he mentioned before, cord and triangel seems ok to me, the tunic i measured and compared to the Vorschriften and they are ok, buttons right size and marked.
    Pants are Kordhosen breeches light wear but look good to me too.
    Both items have no tags, i guess they are privatly purchesed?
    What are your opinions?
    Best Dirk

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    just forgot.. the tie and shirt did not come with it. I just used them sinse the color fitted..

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    That is a nice tunic , are the buttons rzm marked and does it have an Rzm tag ?

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    Hi the bittons are marked but tunic and pants have no label inside

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    I think this is possible: no tag.
    When I collected I did own two political leaders tunics and two breeches, not having a tag either.
    They were in perfect condition and the tunics never had any insignia positioned. This was in the
    early 1970's. They always had been in a closet since the end of the war, which was late 1944
    where I live.
    They were both made in my hometown, by a local tailor. I tracked him and I spoke with him, but
    pitily he could not remember. When I showed them, he said, yes I made them! A specialist knows
    his stuff!

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    The jacket look like it s wool and not high quality .
    Nice item.

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