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Thread: BDM Backpack

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    BDM Backpack

    Hey Guys, this is my first post here, I live in New Zealand and Reenact WW2 American as well as collect militiria, I'm sorting BDM gear for my daughter so i can bring here along to reenactments, anyway I purchased this bag from Ebay, it was being sold as a BDM bag and came from Germany, I'm just after opinions on if it is legit or not, I'm also after any period photos of this type of bag in use.

    Inside the bag was a photo, 2 craft type pictures and a thimble, I've also take a photo of it next to a repro bread bag so you can see this size

    I have no reason to believe its not a legit item, the only thing that really bothers me is how clean the metal work is, it doesn't appear to have any tarnish or rust which i would expect on something of this age.

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    Here's the other pictures
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    Hi Chris and welcome to the forum. That particular rucksack may have been carried by a BDM member but actually it's appearance is typical of standard civilian rucksacks of the period. For re-enactment purposes I would suggest that you try to get hold of a period 'Tornister' (Affe) like this one. If you check the photographs forum and go through Zander's and Bobby's threads for example you'll see numerous examples of girls wearing the 'Affe'.



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    Thanks Gary, I will defiantly check it out, I will look out for a Affe, thanks.


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    No probs Chris

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