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    BDM/JM Skibluse


    I found this picture in a period magazine. Anyone else would have other pictures of the BDM/JM Skibluse? It's not easy to find something about this garment.
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    Hi Lauri,

    It is shown as having been introduced in Verordnungsblatt RJF III/36 dated 10th of Oct 1935:

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    You can find more pics of it in an issue of "Das deutsche Mädel" in the downloads section but more of the girls are not wearing it than are. In a 1937 issue for example there is an article on Hochland which shows a group of girls under skiing instruction and all of them, including the instructor are wearing the Kletterweste :)

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    Thanks Garry for the relevant documentation. I will look into the .pdf files.

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