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    BDM Oldenburg Triangle


    I came across this on my travels and bought it with some other HJ items. I don't collect sleeve triangles and know nothing about them, so can anyone tell about this one. The stitching looks good to me or at least period but other then that?



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    well thats different never seen one like that before but not third reich period i think unless very very early or scouting movement of some kind


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    Wow, that's a new one to me. I just looked through my references and don't see anything like it. Odd one to say the least.

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    Now thats got us researching

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    In my opinion ...... either a fake or the BdM organization in this area never got this pattern approved and is a prototype design .

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    I wondered if it was a very early handmade shield? I have in my collection a very early SA cuff title that I know is 100% correct because it came directly from the family of the SA member. They told me when the SA first started it was common place for insignia to be handmade, it was a case of making do with the resources available at the time.

    If it was a fake somebody has gone to a lot of trouble for no profit, its not like faking a high end decoration and selling it for loads of money, I don't know what to make of it, thanks for all replys so far.


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    THE WEAVE IS NOT CONSISTENT WITH THE tr period imo, but would be a nice find if proven

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