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    BDM Tanzkleid - Festkleid??

    I was searching a little and found several mentions of "BDM-Festkleid" and "Tanzkleid" (BDM Glaube und Schönheit?) or "Mädeltanzkleid"

    Festkleid = Party or celebration dress

    Tanzkleid = Dancing dress

    How did the look, and were they regultion dresses? Anyone of you have photos?

    See this Der Goldene Schnitt 1941 page 121, number 259
    "Anmutiges BDM-Tanzkleid ..." Gracefull BDM dancing dress.



    Page 121: HJ-Bluse and Bdm-Bluse



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    Maybe Garry has some information.

    I know in the Reichsbefehl 13/IV from April 5, 1939 there was a note about the forms of cloth
    for the so-called Fahrtenkleid and BDM-Tanzkleid (what types of cloth, colors and how its cut
    should be). Traditional clothing was allowed in specific areas.
    It is further known to me that in 1939 for the BDM "Glaube und Schönheit" special dress-forms
    were mentioned, being the Alltagsgewand (Every Day Dress) and the official BDM Gesellschaftskleid
    (Evening Dress). The following photos were published in the German press:

    img150 - kopie.jpg Alltagsgewand

    img150 - kopie (2).jpg Gesellschaftskleid

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    Hi Wim,

    I found a little on the BDM-Tanzkleid (Henrik's first picture, top middle). Initially, this dress was known as the "BDM-Volkstanzkleid". The change in designation to "BDM-Tanzkleid" came in March 1937. That order also stopped the use of "Nessel" (fabric made from the fibres of nettle stalks) and designated matt Kunstseide as the sole material. This dress had either 4 or 6 sections of cloth and a corset which could have either zips or buttons. This dress was permitted for off-duty wear.

    Going back to 1934, an order issued in August of that year shows that there was no uniformity at that point i.e. there was no single pattern of BDM-Volkstanzkleid. The order states that the local procurement of dresses should stop and that the issue of a new instruction regarding the appearance and procurement of the dress would follow. Units were requested to pass any suggestions for the final appearance of the dress to Abteilung I at the

    The order mentioned in 1934 was promulgated in September 1935 by which time a pattern was available from Verlag Otto Beyer, Leipzig, Hindenburgstrasse 72 (order number K24237). It is clear from the order that the vast majority of these dresses were being made by the girls at home. The
    recommended that corsets for the dress should be purchased from the company Ulrich Gminder in Reutlingen. Apart from the corset, all materials required to make the dress were available in
    outlets. As far as the colour of the dress was concerned, the regulation mentions that colour samples had previously been sent out to each BDM Obergau. It would seem then, that that was no uniformity in the colour of these dresses at a national level at this time.
    If you check out video clips of the BDM dancing at the 1938 Reichsparteitag, I think you can see the pattern of dress shown in your first picture (at top middle) Henrik. According to an order dated June 1939, the dresses seen there all belonged to the inventory of the Reichsparteitag.

    In 1941 a new pattern for the BDM-Tanzkleid was produced by Otto Beyer Verlag under the order number K24242. I don't know how that dress differed from those worn at the 1938
    , if indeed there was a difference. Certainly by April 1939 a standardised dress had been decided upon by the
    as evidenced by an order from the 5th of that month (the Reichsbefehl mentioned above by Wim). Girls in the Ostmark were permitted to wear a different style of dress "Trachtenkleid".

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    I found this in the "kleidung" section of the "Die Tänze des Bundes Deutscher Mädel auf dem Reichsparteitag 1938" booklet :

    Die Tänzerinnen tragen das weisse Tanzkleid des BDM.
    Farbe des Jäckchens :
    - blau in den Feldern I, III, VII und IX
    - rot im Feld V (Mittelfeld)
    - verschiedenfarbig (rot, blau, gelb und grün) in den Feldern II, IV, VI und VIII.

    There are no photo unfortunately.

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    I saw these online and wondered if these photos show also the Tanzkleid?
    Or is this another official dress? Or nothing official at all?
    Items are currently up on, I just stumbled across them.
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