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    Berchtesgadener Trachtenjacke

    Good evening Guys!

    On the subject of the Berchtesgadener Trachtenjacke, how does one know whether you are looking at an original Third Reich era piece versus a modern one ? I read on the BDM research site that these are still made today...

    Your feedback on this is welcomed and appreciated

    My Best,


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    I have one , I`ll post a photo soon .

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    Hi Panther,

    The Berchtesgadener Jäckchen was not "normed" i.e. it was/is a traditional item of clothing whose appearance and manufacture were not governed by the
    . I see this stated in a 1940 regulation which discusses orders for the jacket coming in from the units which were turned with the reason being that the jacket was not a normed
    item of clothing. So, if you get an old one dating to around the time of the
    period, the best you could say was that it could have been worn by a BdM girl. Unless of course you know that it was.

    The same applied to the Trachtenkleid (Dirndl) worn in the Ostmark. No "norm" was specified so there will be no
    label or identifier that would mark out a "BdM" item from a standard normal civil item. It all comes down to the age of the cloth.

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    Hi Garry,

    Thanks for the feedback. A difficult one for sure.

    I'm not an expert on discerning age on cloth so I guess I'll shelve that idea. Still lots to collect anyway !


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