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    black Service trousers, RZM-label

    What is your opinion? Is it original?

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    Hello Viki,
    a good trousers but not HJ (i've never see a "ausgeh-uniform hose for HJ), maybe
    or an other paramilitary organisation.

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    What is even thoughts?

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    This photo shows trousers like this in use (ebay 301815056598).
    Are these unofficial items? Pre
    times? Or do we have a thread on these already?
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    Ja. Diese Hose ist aus eBay
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    I think that this is the first pattern HJ-Winterdiensthose. The same item was worn by Politische Leiter (PL). The 1936 manufacturing regulations state that the
    label for for both was the same so we shouldn't see these with a HJ label. The HJ version of these breeches had a "Rundbund" which I think means that the waistband went completely around to the seam at the back. The HJ version also has "HJ DJ" buttons with the oakleaf pattern.

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