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    Buttons - a lot of them...

    Found a stash of buttons a while ago. They are 17 mm diameter, this is the standard size for shirts, isnt it? Do they have any value? I tried listing them on ebay, not really successfull sofar

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    They appear to be good to me. I'm not aware of these being reproduced. It's possible I suppose but I've just not seen them reproduced. I think they have some value, not a lot, but could really be useful for anybody with shirts that are missing buttons. Looks like you have a lot of them, possibly taken from a manufacturing facility or a shop or something?

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    If I were you , I would sell them in a lot of 6 buttons for a set price of 25 dollars . Six buttons is enough for the regular HJ pullover shirt ( 2 sleeves , 2 pockets , and 2 front seam ... the top buttonhole did not use the HJ.DJ logo pattern button . The top button of an HJ shirt was a nondescript button without the HJ.DJ logo ).
    It looks like from photo #3 that these buttons might be ground dug. And from the first two photos , it appears like the 5 buttons pictured have been cleaned.

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    Thank you guys, for your answers. Indeed they were grounddug, found a lot of them, together with some porcelain BDM buttons and some Kriegsmarine and Wehrmacht buttons in one dumphole. The set of 5 is indeed cleaned by me with some halfwarm water and a very soft brush, this was enough to clean them.

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    Couple of the other findings from the same dumphole. Less interesting then the HJ but grreat trading objects (besides the BDMs, love those, but have only a few)
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