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    Can anyone tell me what this button is?

    Hi Guys... I received this button amongst some other odd bits & pieces in an on-line exchange of items. I was told that it's a werwolf button but, I seem to have read somewhere that they didn't actually have any particular uniform... any ideas what it is... also wether it looks fake or genuine? Cheers, Hansi

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    You're right, uniform button of the Wehrwolf bund I think.
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    Thanks Lauri... a different version from your button but certainly the same design. I'm puzzled by the group photo though as I'm referring to the werwolf who were mainly drawn from the HJ at the end of the war, apparently at least 200 recruits every week were being trained... ?

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    Hansi. The button that you show here is for the paramilitary organization Wehrwolf dating from the 30s. This is not the same organization which is in connection with the HJ at the end of the war.

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    Ah... that explains it! Thanks for that... you learn a little more each day...

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    The Hitlerjugend Wherwolf units were mainly organized to conduct clandestine operations in areas of the Reich that had allready been liberated by the Allies . The Wherwolf training consisted of mainly spreading rumors , chalking up threats on walls , sniping and sabotage .
    This organazation was roomered to have aprox 5000 trained boys and girls from 15 to 20 years old. They would not have worn any style uniforms save for civilian clothing as that would have attracted too much attention to themselves , as such ; those Youths who did take their Wherewolf training serously , mainly did small amounts of sabatoge with little or no effect . A well known Wherwolf opperation was the assination of the Mayor of Aachen , Germany 'Franz Oppenhof' after the area was liberated by the Americans in 1945 .
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    There`s a good book about the Werewolf Guerilla Resistance (in Europe 1944-1947) called `The Last Nazis` by Perry Biddiscombe.
    There`s quite a bit in it about the HJ Werewolves, it`s well worth a read.

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    Thanks guys... yes, I have read a fair bit about them already, mainly what I could find on the internet... which is quite a lot once you start searching and following links, etc. but the book sounds interesting too... I'll have to look into that (pardon the pun!). I really only asked about the button as I have it laying around in the bottom of a drawer, not really doing anything and not really of much interest to me.... thanks again for your help

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