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    Deutsches Jungvolk Dienstbluse vs Führerbluse vs Dienstrock vs Angolia

    Someone contacted me to ask about the short blue jacket worn by DJ leaders and sent me a scan from vol 1 of Angolia's HJ book. Looking at the regulations there is a contradiction between what Angolia says and what the regulations say. Anyway, I thought I'd make a thread in order that we can discuss these jackets and get the info in one place.

    So this is about the DJ Dienstbluse, the DJ-Führerbluse and the DJ-Dienstrock. When they were introduced and how they relate to the Angolia scan.

    The Dienstbluse is first noted in
    Verordnungsblatt III/31 dated 29th of August 1935. It had been decided at a head of divison conference in Wernigerode to introduce a short jacket with belt hooks for the HJ and DJ and this order states that they were available through
    outlets. At this point the item is known as the "Dienstbluse". I don't know when the change happened but a 1937 order shows that up to that point the jacket had been worn by Jungbannführer and leaders in staff appointments only. The order now refers to the jacket as the "Führerbluse" but I don't see any orders between 1935 and 1937 where the change from "Dienstbluse" to "Führerbluse" was effected so I'm in the dark there as to when exactly it happened.

    The order dated 18th of June 1937 extends the permission to wear the Führerbluse to all ranks from Fähnleinführer upwards. In October 1937 this was further extended to include heads of department on the Jungbann staff.

    The last order I see which mentions the Führerbluse is 1943 by which time nothing had changed.

    So, let's go to that scan from the Angolia book showing the DJ-Führerbluse and giving the introduction date as the 12th February 1937:

    DJ-Führerbluse pic.jpg
    "A DJ leaders service jacket was introduced by an order dated 12 February 1937 to become effective by 27 March".

    This is an error because Reichsbefehl 6/II 12th of Feb 1937, Order 7 (concerning general dress regulations and the wearing of leader uniforms - Führerdienstanzug by Jungvolk leaders) is mentioned by an
    order (Verordnungsblatt V14 dated 18th of June 1937) that introduces a different item, the DJ-Dienstrock (see right). So, it would seem that Angolia got the right introduction date but for the wrong item.

    As always, additions/corrections are welcome!

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    Two notes, publsihed in the Mitteilungsblatt der Reichszeugmeisterei
    give information about the tunic and blouse.

    Issue 7 from March 27, 1937, page 85 about the tunic for DJ-leaders
    (which in fact is the naval-blue naval-HJ tunic). Buttons are from the
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    Issue 15 from July 17, 1937, page 193, about the blouse which mentions the HJ-Verordnungsblatt
    V/14 from June 18, 1937:
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    The blouse and the tunic already were described in the manufacturings-regulations from 1936
    See enclosed descriptions for the blouse and the tunic.
    See also the description for the naval tunic and a drawing from the 1936 regular HJ-tunic.
    I have quickly "cleaned" the buttons, as they were not the plain version.
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    Yes. What I'm looking for is the point at which the designation "Dienstbluse" changed to "Führerbluse" after the regulation I mentioned from 1935. Is there anything on that in the
    Mitteilungsblatt? I know that the change had happened by 1936 because the 1936
    manufacturing instructions call it a "Winterbluse für DJ Führer". The Bluse isn't actually shown because they were delivered directly from the
    as shown by the following extract:

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    Edit: you posted while I was still writing. What page in the
    Herstellungsvorschrift shows the Führerbluse Wim? It isn't shown in my copy - just the note shown above.

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    There is a clear difference in the phrasing:
    DJ-Führerbluse (summer) pages 217 and 218 and 219 the winter-issue and Dienstrock DJ-Führer.

    It is in the second addendum for the HV-1936 (2.Nachtrag)

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    I'm not confused about the DJ-Dienstrock because that is clearly described in the regulations as I mentioned in post #1. What I'm getting at is the point at which the 1935 DJ-Dienstbluse was worn exclusively by DJ leaders and was then known as the DJ-Führerbluse (certainly from 1936). I'm looking for something that shows that changeover in 35/36. I assume that it was only ever intended for leaders but it would be useful to see an order for that.

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