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    Difference between the HJ winter trousers and the HJ ski trousers (HJ Winterhose HJ Skihose)

    hi guys
    quick question to which i cant find an answer:

    whats the diff between the HJ winter trousers and the HJ ski trousers.

    both look the same cut ans the same colour
    any thoughts

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    yeah they used to go skiing in their winter trousers :001_tt2:

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    Your suspicion is right Stu. Regulations specified that the HJ/DJ wore the Überfallhose as part of the normal winter uniform and for skiing. There were plans to introduce special skiing trousers (Keilhose) but the regulations state that this was indefinitely on hold due to the war.

    The label in some of the Überfallhosen is marked as "HJ-DJ Überfallhose Skitrikot" or "Überfallhose - Skitrikot". This may have lead to the confusion but actually it doesn't mean that they are a different item to the standard trousers.

    'Skitrikot' is the name of the cloth and its use was prescribed by regulation after a certain point (not sure when exactly but it looks like either 1938 or 1941). After that certain point all HJ/DJ winter trousers were made of the same cloth which is why we see some trousers marked with 'Skitrikot' and others (the older trousers) with the standard label. It made sense I suppose to make all of the Überfallhosen out of a material more suitable for skiing in case the wearer needed to use them for that purpose.

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    What about the ones that were going to be introduced but never were? Do you think they would have been thicker or have some kind of waterproofing?

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    The Keilhose would have been more like the ski trousers shown below Pat which are of the style worn in the 40s. Trousers like these were permitted for wear but only in 'exceptional circumstances' according to the regulation.
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    Thanks mate.

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    Just the diffrents between the pocketflaps and the ankle area of the trousers?

    Does anyone knows 1 for sale? I'ts reallly very hard to find 1.

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    which one the winter or the ski

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    always great to see the comments of garry.

    Where do you read all this stuff, mate. I'm looking and looking and hardly finding much as detailled as the stuff you seem to have.

    Great though to see the comment clears out the many questions people ask!!!

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