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Thread: DJ-Führerbluse

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    Quote Originally Posted by Detonator View Post
    Hello! I am new and wonder if you folks would consider at least posting a thumbnail teaser photo so we can see what you fellas are talking about? I will join as a full member eventually but Money is tight now.
    I can tell you are discussing a shirt or coat, and am curious which style you discuss.
    I look forward to full membership, but for now, I would like to at least have a clue what we are talking about.
    Thanks! Garry J. BTW... Great site!
    Hi and welcome to the forum. You won't be able to see any images no matter how small unless you are a full member here. We had a lot of image theft here from people with neo nazi blogs and that type of thing so we went to full membership status only. When you are able to become a full member if you decide to you will see that this forum has photos of some of the best and most rare HJ items in collections today, also lots of research information, facts on regulations, bann number and area triangle locations, articles on many subject, and much more. Well worth the price of admission if you decide to become a full member.

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    Hey, Thank You , and I completely understand the reasons. I have never seen a pay-only site before so I had to ask. Thank You for the reply. Hope to see You all Later! Gutentag!

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