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    DJ winter or sport?

    hello all hitlerjugends
    this is good a real DJ winter??? or is it the sport?

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    the pics sorry:D:D:D:D
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    I haven't seen one of these before but it's not the DJ-Winterbluse Karl. It's not the HJ/DJ skiing top either so all that is left is that it may be a Bluse for the 'Übungsanzug' (tracksuit). The regulations I'm reading give enough detail to eliminate a particular item but not enough to fully identify the item on the picture. Can anyone else help?

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    " In my Opinion " A track suit top .

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    I'm agree, trainingsanzug clothing.


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    it's what i think!!!! but your opinion is for me very Good so i ask you.
    the seller want 78 dollar for this, it's just so, no???
    bye and have a good day

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    Hi Karl,

    I don't have enough period evidence available here to say that this is definitely a HJ tracksuit top. Going by the appearance of the item it can't really be anything other than a tracksuit top but whether it's HJ I couldn't say. It certainly isn't a perfect match for the tracksuit top used by all party formations and shown in the 1936 RZM regulations (see picture). Perhaps another member can give more exact info on this item before you spend any money. 78US is cheap though.
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    Garry, i'm a lot interested by a better scan of your RZM regulation concerning the NSDAP trainingsanzug. See below why :



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    This is the one shown in the 1936 regulations Lauri but all depends on when the top you showed above was made of course.
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    Thanks Garry, your documentation is excellent! Possible to have the entire text of your first picture? :001_wub:

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