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    First post BDM kletterweste


    This is my first post to this excellent forum. I've been collecting
    for about five months and it is an absorbing and intriguing world.
    In these months I've gone from watching youtube videos to studying fabrics
    and weaving techniques.

    I recently bought a BDM kletterweste, the pictures on the Internet
    looked ok, but now its arrived I'm having a few doubts. I've never
    seen a jacket with these holes under the arms and it's seems a bit
    big for something a girl would have worn. What do people think?
    Was this style of jacket manufactured at other times, post war perhaps.

    I would like to recommend this book: Wolfhilde's Hitler youth diary 1939-1946.

    It's the Journal of a BDM girl and Maedelscharfuehrerin (Green lanyard) who
    lived in Munich during the war. Hilter lived in the same street as her family.



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    Hello and welcome to the forum. These climbing jackets were worn by many young people in Germany. To be sure the jacket is a BDM jacket one needs to look for an
    model. Is there any sign of a tag inside or one that has been removed? To be certain it was used by a BDM member it should be an
    model. Otherwise it's very likely a civilian jacket. Possibly used by a member but proving it is difficult if it's not a licensed example.

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    Very true. The Kletterjacke was worn by males too up to a certain point which could explain the size but other than that I agree with everything Gefolgschaft wrote. Without good and useful provenance it's usually better to go for the
    version of Hitler Youth clothing items.

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    Yes also used by males, sometimes in a dark color. There is even a photo of the
    wearing one. Typically male garments will button on the opposite side of female garments. Even today.

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