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    Flak Helper Jacket


    Was wäre ein fairer Preis für diese Jacke?

    Ist €500 ok ?

    Der Adler ist neu angenäht. Sind die Schulterklappen und der Adler OK ?



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    The blouse is original for me. About Shoulder boards not sure.

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    What you have is an original used Flak helper blouse with replaced insignia .

    If it were mine , I would restore it with an original USED FH breast triangle patch and a pair of used original flakhelfer straps .

    VALUE ... " in my opinion " 375 euros or aprox. 525 dollars as it is now ...If restored properly with used original insignia 525 euros . or aprox 735 dollars .

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    Hallo Joe.

    Sind der Adler und die Schulterklappen Originale ?

    Gruß, Frank

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    they look fake frank. shame, it's a nice original Flakhelfer tunic spoilt by fake insignia. would pay to replace triangle would cost around $75 and shoulderstraps around $300


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