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    Genuine leather HJ buttons?

    I would like to know whether these leather buttons were genuine or not and moreover on which types of clothes they were worn?

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    Leather buttons were applied on the HJ Mantel and on the first version of the HJ Dienstrock. They are also used on civilian clothes throughout the century so difficult to date them.

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    Hello Hugues,
    Okay, thank you for your answer. But it's strange because indirectly this type of button represents the svastika ; so it's surprising for me to find them on civilian clothes...
    Regards, Christophorus

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    Hello Cédric

    That's a fact. As in this store for example :

    Knopf-Truhe - LE-38-18


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    I think that there still being made , I remember my mother went to Germany in the 1980s and when she came back she had bought a coat with these type of buttons .

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