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    Hitler youth cufflinks

    About two year's ago I stumbled on this set of HJ cufflinks. They are small in size, so I guess in fact made for a child.
    They apear to be in silver.
    On the arm of the cufflink is a very small mark to see (I guess it's the marking of the juweler, no markings of silver content, for I do think they are in silver)
    Actual with my camera, impossible to take a good shot of these.
    I know these kind of items are pretty damn difficult to date them, so uncertain if they are genuine, I only have the word for it from whom I bought them at the time.
    As they were not that expensive, I took the risk, and thought they would come some day in use for one of my themes.
    So here are some pics of them;
    Any comment is welcome

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    Unusal item , I dont recall a uniform that the HJ had , where cufflinks would be utilized ....unless they were worn with a civilian tuxedo or something simular .

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    Hi Wizardelf,

    Reichsbefehl 10/I from March 1936 forbids the wearing of cuff-links on the HJ uniform so these are in all likelihood civilian patriotic items.

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    Thx guy's.
    That's a bummer, but was to be expected.
    vue to the fact that indeed on all of the cuffs of the shirt there are buttons present.
    Hmm, need to rethink this over, what to do with them.:closedeyes:

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