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    Hitler Youth greatcoat (HJ Mantel) with belt and early Assmann HJ buckle

    My new HJ Wintercoat.

    I received the coat together with the early "Assmann" buckle and a really nice "Croupon" belt.

    I hope the coat is completely without doubt.

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    You have a nice and original HJ-Mantel. I have one too and I think it is a very esthetic garment.

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    A very nice example. 100% original!

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    Thanks to you...
    on a german side there was some doubts about the coat. The pockets look strange....
    And then they show a link to a flakhelfer coat with
    I have no doubts that my coat is 100% original.

    I've seen your "old" and your "new" coat"
    Congratulation... both are beauties.

    I dont think that there was shoulder straps or a triangle on my coat. Is it sure that on greatcoats from similar type shoulder straps and triangle was used?

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    Great greatcoat, let the doubts from the German side be doubts.
    The greatcoat looks as the drawings in the January 15, 1934 booklet:
    Bekleidung und Ausrüstung der HJ. Look at the pockets!

    img832 - kopie.jpg

    According to the description (on page 57) it is mentioned that shoulder-straps were
    to be sewn in. I may have a photo where no shoulder-straps are being worn (cannot
    find one yet). The straps were anyway included in plate 7 from: Die Uniformen der HJ
    from 1933.

    img833 - kopie.jpg
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    Thanks to you wilhelm saris...
    the drawings are very helpfull. just even ordered the book.

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    hello shiggert,
    you can see one with shoulder-straps on page 31 from the book
    "the HJ" from angolia vol.1

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    All my photographs available do show the light brown shoulder-straps.

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    When you have my "Handbook of the HJ" then you can find some there:
    page 309 some HJ leaders with leaders shoulder-straps;
    page 357 Motor-HJ member inspected by Hühnlein with the light-brown shoulder-straps;
    page 446 during the war, the coat with black shouder-straps;
    page 571 part of an early photograph with (difficult visible) light-brown shoulder-straps.
    The full photo is shown here.


    All other photographs with great-coats I have, all do show the light-brown shoulder-straps.

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    Thank you guys...

    Wilhelm... I have to order your book.
    I didn't know thats you are the writer/author of the book.

    This Foto must be from your book...
    A friend shows it to me and told me that your book is a must have... But i prefer a signed version :-)
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