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    Yes, the photo is in my book, originally from the National Archives.
    My name is on the cover (see enclosed image). You can order from Bender.
    I do not have any copies left myself!

    When you have got it, you can PM me and I'll take care for a signed sticker.


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    Thank you very much...
    im looking forward for the book.

    I guess the greatcoat is not really often to find because they were continued to be used after the war.
    Now im considering: Gebietsdreieck ( triangle) and shoulderstraps yes or no ?

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    That's up too you. If you are able to postion correctly shoulder-straps
    I would do so. Lighter brown are the best, eventually with a number
    lowet then 300. If you plam also the triangle, see to it the number for
    the shoulder-straps matches the districts-triangle.

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    I think this should be no Problem.
    i am a little talent with the needle.

    so i have to lookout for some shoulderstraps and the matches district-triangle.

    here some example from my work.
    i use only original yarn. have some rolls from a master tailor.

    i also repair loops for Awards on fieldjackets.
    the cap was badly damaged when i got.
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