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    I don't think the mentioned books will ever updated. Littlejohn died some years ago and
    I have heard Angolia even did withdraw himself from the police-series, which he did with
    Hugh Page Taylor. Angolia is being replaced by Yerger. Angolia apparently is not into
    TR anymore.

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    If any such photos exist, I would think the Rob Newbrough would possibly have them. He has many unique HJ sports uniforms and items. He has shown me photos of a very very rare handball jersey worn by an HJ member from his collection. He has also written a two volume set of books on the subject of sports in nazi Germany.

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    here is one lifted from the WWW and posted on the FB HJ page Darrin , what sparked this whole thread off :)

    a mate has the books you mention and i have seen some of the stuff within , very good it would seem!

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    But these are civilian ice hockey shirts with a HJ patch. The patch is "HJ" but the shirt is not itself "HJ". So put a HJ cloth patch on an old sports shirt and sell for 4 times more than what it ks truely worth? That is the danger here I think.

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    I agree with Trommeller. There is no "HJ" ice hockey or "HJ" handball shirts. Only the patch is specifically HJ. For handball, football, field hockey and basketball (these are all included under one heading) it was the same story as with the ice hockey shirts. Any shirt could be used and the same proviso was given that all team members should wear the same colour and type of shirt. For these particular sports, the cloth diamond was to be worn on the centre chest. However and as ever, exceptions can be found and I remember a nice photo of a BDM field hockey team where the diamond was worn on the left chest.

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