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    Hitler Youth toggle (Halstuchknoten) with RZM stamp

    Hi guys,
    I was just starting to open a new thread in the auction section to give someone a hint about this nice item,
    when suddenly I decided to go for it myself, since the price was decent and
    stamped woggles are rare.
    So I just want to show off now.
    Well ,see for yourself.

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    Very nice Christian. Would it be possible to see a photo of the inside?

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    I will post a photo of the inside when I have it in hand.
    Probably at the end of next week.

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    Thanks Christian

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    also owned one sadly i dont have pictures now , it was also light cream clour , stamped
    and a code/numbers!

    cool items!

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    By special request: The inside of the Halstuchknoten.
    Sorry, I can not take a better photo at the moment.
    The two ends are loose. One open end can be seen in the photo.
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    Thanks Christian

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