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    mfg Brian
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    Hello Brian,

    there is no problem for me. Right now, there is a large stock available at some dealers ....!

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    Hello Widukind
    Thanks for the answer! Is this a late version with the zipper?? Does know the sports suits also with buttons .... is then an early version with buttons??
    mfg Brian
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    I do not think this is an early version but I could be wrong...!

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    The drawing shown is from the 1936 manufacturing-regulations from the RZM. The
    same drawing still was in use with the 1938 version. Still buttons and no pocket on
    the blouse. Both have braided cuffs. I would not known when the zipper came
    into being.

    I have no opinion on the one shown with post 1, but I think it was retailored and made
    smaller to fit a small kid (anyway the length for the arms, the lower edge for the blouse
    and pants seem to be re-stitched). The only thing I remember is that I did wear suchlike
    sports-dress in about 1952, when I joined various sports-clubs. This sports-dress did
    not have braided cuffs, but sewn onto the blouse was a smaller pocket, as well as onto
    the back of the pants. I know the pocket for the blouse for sure had no flap, as always
    my key for the lock on my bicycle fell out!

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    Found in my files a photograph from postal services from about 1940/1941,
    wearing a sports-dress (this was practically as the form for the NSDAP).
    The blouse had a zipper, as this is very well visible, but braided cuffs and no
    pocket upon the left breast (as there was the allowed patch sewn on).

    In the 1934 book "Bekleidung und Ausrüstung der HJ", page 75 the Trainings-
    anzug was included. The blouse mentions to have had a zipper and arms
    with braided cuffs (gestrickten Rand). The pocket is on the inside and not the
    outside (as with most of the trainigs-dresses for the NSDAP. The pants had elastics
    at the feet.

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    Thanks for the info's William, I have found this Thread on the forum! The two suits are stamped with HJ / DJ and correspond to that shown by me!

    mfg Brian

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    they are also with the pocket upon the breast. The description does not mention an outer
    pocket, but an inner. This is just what is mentioned, I can't help it.
    The marking's do not say anything if they are correct (in my opinion). Normally there is a tag and
    not a white printing. Anyway the other HJ sport-blouses are not as they should be.

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    But as always during the TR and within every organization there were official sports dresses
    (and uniforms, badges etc.) and those that were worn un-official and un-authorized worn.
    Maybe after all the one shown in post 1 was indeed worn during the TR??

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