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    Aha, from EbayDE. I wouild have made an offer but the seller refuesed to take Paypal. Shirt is

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    yes from, shirt is
    Best Regards

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    Well done getting those straps. A set I am still missing in my collection. Someday I will find a set. Congratulations!

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    holzwurm: can you please make a close-up from the tag inside of the shirt for a better view?

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    Bann "J"

    Hallo Wilhelm,
    here are 2 pictures more, I will post better pictures when the jacket arrives.
    Best Regards
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    yesterday the jacket arrived from germany, here are more pictures.
    Enjoy them.
    How much is the value of this jacket. Thank you for your opinions.
    Best Regards
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    The blouse by itself , minus the insignia is worth around 200 US dollars , the Gebiet triangle is 100 dollars , the Shoulderstraps are worth around 650 dollars .
    How much did you pay for the shirt with insignia ?

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