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    As we know, a variety of footwear was worn by the Hitler Youth but only footwear produced after the 6th of Nov 1936 can be 100% attributed to the Hitler Youth (this being the date when the RZM took control of the manufacture of footwear for the HJ).

    The USM boots may well have been worn by a HJ boy but Mr USM makes it sound as if they are 'the' official boots which they can't be because all RZM shoes/boots were sold with the RZM label attached and in addition the right shoe/boot had the RZM stamp on the inside.

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    I have certainly seen a variety of boots worn by HJ kids in photos posted here, including hobnail boots.

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    I take your point Pat. However, I've seen pictures of HJ boys wearing sandals too but I personally wouldn't dream of bigging up a 1940s pair of those as 'Hitler Youth'.

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    Oh no I ain't saying they were all proper "Hitler Jugend Boots".
    But I am saying there was obviously some room for maneuvering, if you know what I mean.

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    If I were selling those boots I personally couldn't describe them in the way he did but I agree with you - he's making very full use of his room for manoeuvre :)

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    I love those black boots with RZM markings !

    I've just been offered a pair of ankle boots in brown leather which looks like those worrn by the Heer but in lighter colour and smaller size. They are marked on the sole and are nailed and with the steel heel. I never saw these before and I am not really convinced.

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    Revamping this thread.
    I need your opinion/advise: what would be a fair price for a pair of RZM low boots in mint conditions which have been unfortunately altered to look like Army boots? They have been painted black (but you can still see the brown) and hobnails added. It doesn't look like a period job. Thanks

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    noone knows? I need a quick advise on how much they worth

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    hard to say as this is not a big area of collecting they dont come up that often to have anything to compare too, offer as much as you think they are worth if the seller refuses then they are too expensive for what you are looking for

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    thanks stu,it's more or less what i was thinking. the problem with HJ uniforms and accessories is that they aren't common but also not so desiderable to spend money on them. i have my own philosophy in respect of this: i never pay an item more than what i could sell it for later,if needed.
    but in this case i have no examples. plus they have been slightly altered too

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