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    Cool HJ complete Girls grouping with uniform, flag, papers, JM awards and more!

    Hi guys,

    A few days ago I posted several items from this group on different boards, and now would like to show the complete grouping. This belonged to a Elisabeth Spauke, and came with all of her letters and a variety of other paper items, many which I cannot yet translate. Please let me know what you think of the uniform and other items. I am not a Hitler Youth collector (mostly regular army/SS). enjoy!

    Links to other items in group:

    RZM marked JM proficiency badge


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    I don't know how rare complete HJ groupings are but this is pretty good from what I have seen so far.
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    Last set for now, look forward to hearing some responses!
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    Hello, I cannot say much on the JM bluse because I don't collect them. I like what I see, but I must admit I never saw before that type of cloth diamond so maybe others would furtherly comment. It appears made of wool?

    The paper lot is awesome, I love it! And so are the 2 RAD brooches.

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    The Kletterjacke seems to be good , however ; the buttons are not Bdm / Jm marked ...not a really big red flag but these BDM suedette jackets are more desirable to collecters when they have all the bells and whistles .
    What I do like is that this is a rarer style with pleated pockets , oposed to patch style pockets . I like the condition , also I like the added lining inside .
    What I dont like are the buttons and the funky BDM diamond on the sleeve .

    Summary ... In my opinion a good BDM Klettervest that has been restored with non regulation buttons a good BDM Gebiet triangle and a bad sleeve diamond ( there are plenty of unissued HJ/BDM sleeve diamonds around for $35.00 that could be utilized on this jacket to be restored properly . The BDM.JM buttons are a bit harder to find but they are out there at an average of $5.00 each .

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    It's definitely possible that someone attempted to restore an authentic Kletterjacke by adding the buttons and insignia in order to sell the Kletterjacke along with the lot. It was not terribly uncommon for these jackets to have their insignia taken off and their buttons changed for wear after the war. I've seen a few that have been overdyed different colors, too.

    Another possibility, however, is that this is a period jacket with original buttons and was never an actual BDM/JM issue item. I have in my collection some photographs from the early 1930's of boys wearing jackets identical in style, color, and material to the BDM Kletterjacke, except they had plain buttons (such as the ones shown on this jacket), and, presumably, lacked any kind of BDM/JM label on the inside. Some of them buttoned to the right, like men's garments, others to the left like women's.

    Not saying this is either a restored original or a period non-BDM/JM jacket, but it's a thought.

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    Attached is one of the photos I have of a boy wearing a "civilian" (non-BDM/JM) type of this style of jacket, with plain buttons. (Happened to have this on my computer, still.)
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    Forgot to post pictures of the other items, I have her Hitler Youth knot for her tie as well as 2 backpacks and more paper stuff. There is also a wierd measurement device I think for marching, have a look.

    Can anyone give me an idea of value? Thinking about becoming a full member tommorow, have some other items of interest I would like to check out.

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    Hi, that tool (I don't know the english name for that) belongs to the map kit that usually goes with the officer's map bag. It is used to calculate the distance on a map. It is not so common to find too.

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