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    HJ Cuff Button Arrangement

    Could someone post a pic of a HJ jacket cuff showing the placement of the buttons. I don’t know where to put them? I need to know if there on the inside or outside of the cuff. Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    depends what type of cuff you have on you jacket

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    I have posted a drawing of the cuff does anyone know where to place the buttons? The problem is when the cuff is folded to make it shorter is there a special button arrangement. Should there be one button on top one on the bottom? Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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    the shirt sleeve works like a modern day cuff-tie here are some pics showing where the button should be and how it does up hope this is okay for you, the single button should be on the top of the inside of the sleeve as in pic 1

    p.s sorry for the crappy pics didnt realise they where this bad until i uploaded them lol
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    Thanks Stuart thats the way I had it, but wasn't sure if it took two on each sleeve I appreciate your help.

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    Hi I have two double cuffed shirts SA and HJ both fasten with a double button arrangement.Roger
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