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    HJ DJ cross strap and armband regulations

    Does anyone know what the regulations were for wearing one's cross strap or armband? The reason I ask is that it appears in some of the numerous photos out there, that some HJ will be wearing cross straps/armbands, while others in the group are not. I didn't know if this had to do with:

    1) Oops, I forgot it!
    2) Couldn't afford to buy one (as of photo time)
    3) Optional to wear or not (which I wouldn't bet on)

    Any help or ideas are appreciated



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    Could you post some of the pictures you mean Rob?

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    Hi Garry, sorry it took awhile to reply. I'll use the picture that I have for my avatar for example: The boy holding the flag is wearing a cross strap, as is the one directly under the rune. However, the two boys on the left and right of the flagbearer, neither have cross strap. I would have expected everyone to be wearing one, since it's part of the uniform. Not having some wearing them, and others not.

    I figured there would be some sort of uniform regulation of what had to be worn, and if you didn't wear one (for whatever reason) if there was a penalty or something.

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    Hi Rob,

    Just came across this thread during a search and I see that it wasn't resolved. Do you still have the photo you were discussing?

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    also alot of uniform items,.blouses,armbands,jackets etc were homemade & if a family could not afford to purchse cirtain items or did not have the material to make them they just didnt have them to wear,or just made use of what they had available to them,.just my opinion which could be a possibillity in this subject.cheers

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