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    HJ DJ swimming trunks (Badehose)

    heres something you will not see everyday lol
    a pair of HJ swimming trunks still with the tag attached

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    Rare to see these, I thought you might be the one that grabbed them when they came up for some reason!:cool:

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    heres my shirt and a picture of the type being worn, shirt is in used condition, tag washed out.
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    great photo you have added.They are wearing the leistungabzeichen in cloth on their sports shirt

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    i have the same shirt pete, my tag is no more either lol

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    whooooooooo that swimming trunks must be verry rare ! great to see it


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    thanks hans
    only pair i have seen but i suspect theres more out there somewhere

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    Found another pair of these on WAF today:

    regulation trunks1.jpg regulation trunks2.JPG

    The regulations state that no insignia was allowed on the trunks but clearly that was ignored here ;)

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