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    HJ Geländesportanzug

    Just noticed this nice photo on
    showing the HJ Geländesportanzug in wear. Difficult to know exactly what type of training course this is but most likely to be a Gebietsführerschule (area leadership training school) or possibly Reichsausbildungslager (Reich training camp). This was also worn during Wehrertüchtigung (pre-military training) but the training personnel are all
    and I don't see any wound badges
    etc on the instructors so I would go for one of the first two.


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    Just discovered this photo, thanks for showing!

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    To develop this interesting thread. Do not hesitate to continue with your own photos:)
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    Great photo .

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    Thank you Joe! Additional photos:
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    Hi Lauri,

    Do you have any colour photos of the Geländesportanzug on file? I just need to see the exact colour of one.

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    Yes Garry. Two examples, the first drell jacke is brand new, not the other.
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    Fantastic. Many thanks Lauri!

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    :) There is also a brown version with a collar which is not lined (and an early version, not the same cutting but the color is the same greyish moleskin).

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    Thanks Lauri What is this chap wearing?

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