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Thread: HJ Köperbluse

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    HJ Köperbluse

    This is my "almost" HJ restored shirt, for a musician from Bann 565 Spittal in Kärnten.
    I am so happy whit this shirt, but observations and corrections will be welcome.

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    Looks great from here


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    Thank you!

    Just looking now to find the armband

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    No more opinions ?

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    Don't worry Albrecht, since nobody complained it can be considered an excellent item. Many looked at it but nobody could find anything wrong. Buttons are rigth, shoulderstraps seem to fit, triangle 100% ok, no strange items on it, and nothing faked. That's why most peaple didn't say a word.

    Me? I don't have a clue about HJ - shirts. But those who do here, would have certainly complained. So don't worry, be happy!
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    Well I was dress the mannequin whit that köperbluse and that is how looks. I hope have soon the rest of things for complete this uniform!
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    It looks nice Albrecht! Good job!

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    Hi Albrecht,

    This shirt was not part of the clothing list for a Hitlerjunge i.e. a HJ member with no rank. To wear this shirt your boy would need to be a Gefolgschaftsführer at least and if you put those straps onto the shirt then the swallows' nests would be wrong as they are for a normal member of the musical unit, not its leader. The Schwalbennester you have there should really go onto a standard HJ shirt.

    Are the belt hooks gold in colour Albrecht?

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    They are more bronze than gold.

    Then I should take off all insignias of the shirt and restore new one?

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    You can still find unissued HJ pullover shirts around ... I would not pay more than a 100 dollars for one without insignia .

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