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    Very helpful, thank you both.

    Albrecht is the belt brown or a worn/aged black (the same as the political belt or again special to FH?)

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    It is black, just a well worn example!

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    Hi all,

    ive been browsing the district triangles for a while.

    it looks like my gf wore the 'nord neidersachsen'?
    which would make sense but I can't be sure.

    Ive not seen it come up for sale, is it a rare/sought after one?
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    It is not so rare, you can get one easily

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    Agreed. This one is not so difficult to find.

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    Ah good, hopefully be able to find one soon then.

    There is an update! I have had a reply from the Deutsche Dienststelle.
    Just need to get someone in the family to translate it for me.
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    Hi Tim,

    The document states that according to a list dated 31.5.1944, your grandfather was a Luftwaffenhelfer with 5 Battery of Heavy Flak Unit 801. The duration of his attachment with the battery is unknown according to the document. He was enlisted into the Kriegsmarine on 19.1.1945. Service as follows:

    27. Schiffsstammabteilung in Ollerup, Denmark from 19.1.1945 to 19.3.1945
    5. Marineersatzabteilung in Westerland, Sylt from 20.3.1945 to 30.4.1945.

    He was captured on 30.4.1945 in Bremervörde and was released on 7.9.1945.

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    Many thanks Garry

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