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    HJ shirt Thüringen


    Here's my first HJ shirt, im very happy with it, but when the post arrived couldn't believe how small this actually is. I presume it was for a very young boy, maybe 4 or 5 years old. So far i have a lot of questions and hope the forum can help me out.

    I wonder how rare it is to find such small sizes? It is tagged size "38" on the inside of the collar. I don't think a boy of lets say 10 years or older could wear this shirt.

    This will be a project for the coming future (probably very long future) to make a complete mannequin of. I would appreciate very much if anyone has any tips on what to add. Im aiming so far for shoes, trousers, a belt with buckle, halstuch ... and?

    Can i add a HJ armband to this shirt, or was the boy too young, what buckle should i add (and how rare is it to ever find one in such small waiste size?)? Would it be appropriate to add a sidecap and if so, a black or brown one? I saw quite a few black ones in photo's.

    As you can read im new with cloth and this is not my usual area of collecting. As a medal collector im a complete novice with cloth but would love to learn more to make this into a nice display! If anyone has anything i could add i would appriciate offers or tips on where things i miss are for sale too.

    best regards,

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    Im having a hard time understanding the forum software,but hopefully this works?


    Ps: in case anyone saw it recently, this is the one from Butscheks last auction.

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    Boys of the age you mention (4-5) were officially not authorized to wear the brownshirt.
    Jungvolk age is 10-14. Remember boys were smaller in those days (is my opinion). A
    boy of 10 possibly could have worn it.

    As there is a sigrune, no armband is worn.
    There is no shoulder-strap (was introduced July 1935), so I guess the buckle would be DJ
    and the cap be black! The belt and buckle should be the regular size, not the small size.

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    should be
    marks on the inside of the belt hooks aswell mate,you should check those,also buttons should be marked HJ/DJ,though not all were,i like it,.i have a similar blouse mine being a Deutsch-jungvolk blouse,very small size.
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    DJ Blouse

    here is my Deutsch-jungvolk blouse Nord Niedersachsen size 43
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    I agree with Wim, some of these 10 year old boys were very small. There are many period photos of DJ members who appear extremely small in stature.

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    yeah i agree i recently purchased a couple of waffenrock wehrmacht dress tunics & they are very small size,i immediately thought how could a man fit into this tunic but
    people were just smaller 70 years ago,comes down to diet mostly there was not as many hormones & vitamins etc in the food back then,& helmet sizes you see that aswell
    with the increase of the size of the average human skull,like men wearing a size 60 stahlhelm which now would fit very few men probably would not even fit most teenage boys nowdays.

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    A couple of photos of very small DJ members.
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    Great early photos Daren , I like the early sidecaps with piping .

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    In the photo of the boys standing side by side the boy on the right side appears to possibly be wearing the Potsdam badge on his pocket.

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