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Thread: HJ Ski Bluse

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    HJ Ski Bluse

    Good evening,

    Does anyone have any information on the HJ Skibluse ? I mean the olive one with the drawstring chest closure and the waist drawstrings on the sides.

    Any information, photos in wear etc would be appreciated !

    Best Regards


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    Hi Panther,

    The introduction of the new olive-grey Skibluse is mentioned in Verordnungsblatt III/36 dated 10th of October 1935 which gives a good description of both the HJ and BdM versions. The manufacturing instructions for both were issued in
    Mitteilungsblatt 25/1935 (see pics) and this goes into greater detail. Do you need anything specific on them? If I remember correctly there are some photos of the Skibluse in wear on the forum but I can't remember where.

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    Hi Garry,

    Thanks for the help on this one.

    Yes, I am considering one at the moment so I'd like to find out more about them. The one I'm looking at has the sleeve diamond attached.

    I will search through the forum and see what I can find.

    Best regards

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    No probs P. If you need any more info from those regulations just give me a shout


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    Here is the
    label that we must find in a Skibluse :
    (PS collection)
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    Some pictures of the same HJ :
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    Dear Gary and Lauri,

    Many thanks for the information and the pictures - I appreciate it greatly.

    I will ask the seller if his has a label in it and whether I can post it for comments.

    What is the value of such a piece ? There isn't much reference from a price perspective...

    Best Regards

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    Hi Guys,

    It appears that the piece in question has no label within so I have decided to rather wait for one that does.

    Thanks again for all the feedback

    Best Regards


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    I have finally found a Skibluse.
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    A nice item well presented for the forum again from Lauri.

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