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    HJ Streifendienst Bann 418- Scharführer (Kriegsfreiwilliger) shoulder straps

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    Great, I thought about starting the same project :)

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    =D Thats very nice! And about the pants what do you think?

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    Arbeitsrichtlinien der Hitlerjugend 16/41 dated 15.12.1941 and 'Dienstanweisung für den Streifendienst' Abschnitt II shows that the uniform was exactly the same as for the rest of the HJ/DJ less the exceptions shown on the picture:


    Shoulder buttons denote the
    Gefolgschaft number
    White cord on shoulder straps and headgear, Bann number in white stitching
    Sleeveband 'HJ-Streifendienst' (only worn by Scharführer and above)

    However, in the general HJ/DJ clothing regulations (Sonderdruck 7/38) it is stated that lower leaders (Führerschaft) were permitted to wear the black breeches and boots in Winter if they were 18 years old (and older obviously): "....Unterführer die 18 Jahre alt sind dürfen zum Winterdienstanzug an Stelle der Überfallhose eine schwarze Stiefelhose und schwarze Schaftstiefel tragen"

    Looking forward to seeing him when you're finished

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    the project turned now in a cery different thing but I have several doubts. The uniform have the streifendients shoulder boards with the Kriegsfreiwilliger der HJ cord.
    I want to add to the shirt the firefighter's insignia what I believe would be correct as Streife was the unit of firefighter's too. But the troubles come now. The firefighter's used an special uniform and this is the regular HJ shirt and I want to complete the uniform with the Luftschutz helmet and gasmask.
    I do not know if this is becoming fantasy or would be still ok.
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    The uniform is looking great now Albert. The jacket for firefighters is a hard one to find, it looks similar to the
    jacket. I think Pete had one for sale a long long time ago, and he had it displayed with a Luftschutze helmet and the firefighter equipment belt.

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    Ther lanyard shown is for Scharführer (1 pip) I believe the lanyard for 2 pips - 2 pips and one litze should be green and black interwoven. I could be wrong . Other opinions are welcome .

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    Look my uniform is just two pips and the red litze for kriegsfreiwilliger. So I am going ok on this project?

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    Well the project must look or will look similar to this
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