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    HJ Uniform

    First, great forum with some great information.
    As being new to the collecting of HJ uniforms need some help with my first one.
    Here is what I got:
    Flak helpers cap
    Jacket with belt and strap
    Tie with knot
    HJ knife
    HJ arm band
    Here is a couple of strange things. The Nazi arm band was on the sleeve
    and the patches are on the wrong sleeve as I have seen before.
    Also it was originally short sleeved with the longer sleeves tacked one.
    I am not sure what the blue piping is around the collar.
    Not sure what I have but would appreciate the forums help.

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    hi the shirt is not HJ, imo, it is an orts level nsdap political shirt as evidenced by the blue pipping to the shirt color aswell as the larger gold smooth buttons? just my opinion, so wait for the other guys! :)

    on second thoughts the shirt buttons do not have the eagle i think this is more than likely an SA shirt from hochland or ?

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    Agreed , shirt is an Orts Political blouse . I would take off the sigrune and Gebiet triangle .

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    As said by my kamerades, it's not an HJ shirt but P.L.. The triangle is a nice not often seen one. I'm sure you could sell it easily if you wanted to. This shirt looks familiar, I've seen it somewhere recently. I think it was Herman Historica possibly. They had some very iffy HJ uniforms recently.
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    Hm hermann historica dident only have iffy HJ unifom many of the badges whas raly fantasy items

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    Thanks guys. Thougth the patches were on the wrong sleeve and the blue around the collar didn't seem right.
    I think the rest of the stuff is okay and will look for a shirt to go with it.
    Thanks again.

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    You'll have to hunt for the DJ strap or HJ straps that match that triangle. Might not be easy to find. Good luck in the hunt. Should not be a problem selling the shirt after you remove the HJ insignia though. Lots of P.L. collectors around with loose insignia that could restore it for display.

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    This is what that shirt should look like with the correct Political insignia on it. Photo is from The Ruptured Duck's website.
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    Guys thanks again for your input. I think that the rest of the rig is HJ and hope to find a shirt to go with it someday. I will forget trying to find one to match the triangle.

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    Spencer at Victory Militaria has a nice set of Orts level tabs for only $95 right now. You could restore the shirt to an Orts shirt with these and an armband for pretty cheap. It would look good IMO.

    Welcome to - Collectors of Quality Militaria

    Edit: I see you already have the armband, so all you'd need is a set of tabs like these.
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