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    HJ uniform: Ruhr Niederrhein/west Bann 57

    1st post on this forum. Sharing a HJ uniform I got 30 years ago. I have an early os cap too but its blue piped. No markings on the scarf. Small RZM on the neckerchief slide. The Ausweis does not match this uniform. No markings in the shirt. The Bann 57 is correct for West Ruhr Neiderrhein. I believe the uniform insignia to be all original to the shirt.

    Admin Edit: links to external pictures removed. Please see post #2 DawnPatrol. Thanks.

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    Hi DawnPatrol,

    we don't permit externally-hosted attachments on the forum because if they are removed from the external site they are also unavailable to any threads here on the forum. I have saved your pics (very nice they are too) locally so I could save you some time and upload them to your post from here if you're happy?


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    Uploading pictures of the 57 Ruhr Neiderrhein West uniform and accessories. The armband is secured with original blued safety pin in back and red thread stitches around top edge.
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    More shots of the uniform. There are no marks on the bread bag or the canteen.
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    That's an impressive setup. Has a great look to it and it hasn't been overdone. Sometimes people put too much insignia on the uniforms leaving more chance to get a detail wrong here or there but yours looks really nice.

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    Very, very nice uniform with sweet looking items to enhance the uniform - well done!!

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    Thank you guys for the kind words. I was just lucky to find this complete so long ago when they were reasonable. Here is an early sommermutze with blue piping. I need a red one. I had a couple of the really early peaked caps but I let them get away years ago.
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    Really nice fleigermutze ....I may have a regular red piped cap for sell soon if you need one .

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    Really nice setup. Just one small very picky point, the 1940 Reichssportwettkampf winner badge isn't correct for the colour of the leather. By 1940 the HJ and DJ had gone to black leather. If you were to replace the 1940 with a 1936 even that small detail would be right :) Like Joecool says, the cap is Flieger-HJ and doesn't match the shoulder straps but you already have that in hand. Thanks for showing it all!

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