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    HJ Winter trousers

    The last thing I have buy are a witer pants. Fom this one I no have doubt are good. The
    is deletd for the wash but I can still see the logo

    The price i think was ok, 99

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    HJ trousers can be found for as little as 50 euro up to 350 euro .
    Depending on condition and if it has proper HJ-DJ buttons etc .

    Some of these you will find with an HJ RzM tag but with
    buttons , still good but not as desirable as Regulation HJ-DJ buttons.

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    Excellent point regarding the
    buttons Joe.

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    looks like a nice pair of pants

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    Its true, bottons no have any sign, but well; found this pants no was easy and I'm happy for have it now. Next month I hope buy belt and bucle if I found some money. If anyone want give me money... :laugh:

    Thanks for all friends ;)

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