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    Thank you all. You are very kind and thanks for helping me.

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    hello Albrecht, nice bluse! could youplease post more detailed pictures? if you search the forum you will find a similar bluse i posted few days ago.
    i cannot see that well from the picture but it seems the shoulderboards are put in the wrong position?
    by the way, i have a pair of südost kärnten boards and i can tell you it's VERY difficult to find that little bloody matching triangle :laugh: i've been looking for it since months


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    hey dont worry for a first time buy you done well, most HJ uniforms you find on sites will have mixed insignia its down to lack of knowledge they think that as long as there is a triangle and a shoulder board then its fine they dont seem to realise there are specifcs here lol.
    anyway what you do have is an original winter blouse you would be surprised by how many of us started with fakes lol

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    tell me about fake blouses. on every fair you'll find some HJ items for sale. but not all of them are good ones. I have made the mistake myselves trough auction sites and bought me one. the moment it arrived here, it turned out to be a boyscout shirt.

    luckely I only had to pay 50€ for it & sold it to a mate for w-ends in the woods (logging) for the same price. He was happy and me too.

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