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    there is a jacket pictured in angolia's book on the HJ vol'1', butg as i ststed its for DJ leaders, very similar to the one posted abovem would be a much more rare than a winter blouse, but the rams put me off, but there are diffrences from time to time, as for a silk lining, ive never had a leaders jacket or blouse so could not comment, perhaps some of our other members here could add some comments on this jacket;)

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    Hi Pete, unfortunately I don't have the Angolia books (still hunting them). Would you mind posting that picture?

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    what page pete i got vol 1 but cant find this pic

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    I just found a picture showing a very similar tunic on Philip Baker vol 2, page 77. Check it out, it could be the same tunic. I see the ramps as well. Here's the picture, for those who doesn't have the book. The picture description says HJ leaders.
    I don't know much about the story behind my jacket, but it came with quite high rank shoulder boards (hauptgefolgshaftsführer) and lanyard. Since the boards did not match with the triangle, I replaced them. I also have the trousers and the cap, posted already here on the forum. All belonging to the same person.
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    stu, its page 67, and zeller yes they do seem to be wear the type you have, id like a better shot though to be more certain.

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    heres a scan from angolias showing the dj leaders jacket, hope this can help.a pic from the back of the jacket might help as there are diff in the number of clips on the waistband
    thanks for the page number pete could not see for looking
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    thats the one stu, next page theres apicture of one being worn, ansd on page 46 theres another shot of the two that zeller has posted, these are HJ leaders on a trip to japan and the refrence states that they wear'' special'' uniforms. as ive not had hands on with one of these uniforms then this book is the only refrence that i have on this jacket, wouldnt it be nice to get one in hand?, pete.

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    I believe that is a DJ leaders tunic. Note the collar is the laydown type and not the standard button up style.

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    These are the Boards that would match a DJ Leader jacket, if that's what this is.

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    The drawing looks like my bluse, with 1 difference: there is no tag (but could have been lost or detached) and mine has 5 ramps not 6. 2 on the front and 3 on the back.
    If it is a DJ leader's bluse, should it have also the sieg rune? I have to look if there was sign of it. The kids in the pics look HJ though, is it possible that this bluse was used by HJ leaders as well?
    Last question: now I need the relevant boards right? Is it possible that the kid wore this with its original hauptgefolgschaftsführer rank?
    Here's another shot of the same HJ guy in Japan. It looks like my bluse
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