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    Hi Stu, I don't feel like the buttons were added later. I am checking the inside of the
    jacket posted on WAF and mine and they are different. I also don't see the inner pocket like on my jacket?

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    It is an interior of a Werkschar jacke, the lining was partially removed/reworked. There is a pocket inside the jacket.

    photo-136-10495e5interieur modifié.jpg

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    Another one, complete with his


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    Hello Lauri, could you post more details with the same angle of mine so we can compare?
    Your jacket looks a bit different from the one on waf.
    So your conclusion is that mine is daf too?

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    It's all that I have, these two jackets are not mine.

    Buttons are
    but wrong model, belt hooks removed :


    Textbook example :

    2043_7.jpg 2043_12.jpg

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    Thanks Lauri, these pictures are very useful.
    here are my observations of details NOT present on mine:

    1) different position of the rams.
    2) number of rams: mine has 5 whilst this
    has 6
    3) eyelet on the collar.
    4) belt loop

    What is interesting is looks like a HJ leader jacket too.

    I'm really interested in your opinions guys
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    the belt loop on the reverse is the one thing that seems to be on all jackets other than yours?????

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    Yes, I noticed that too! But I cannot see sign of thread or removal :confused:
    I am really too rookie on HJ uniforms so I cannot say anything; I can only post more pics if required for letting you guys to find the solution to this dilemma. All I can say is that it doesn't look manipulated and buttons and triangle appear period applied. There was probably a label on the neck of the jacket and the size is quite small.
    I'll owe a beer to anyone who finds what the heck is this jacket.

    PS- I keep looking at the "japan" pics and at the jacket for HJ landdienst that is on Stephens book. Question: is that possible that these jackets were worn on special occasions and were not for
    or Leaders? The
    jackets I am seeing here and on WAF right now are quite different from mine and look more like the sketch on Angolia book.
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    One more thing to add here. Jeff Hammond once told me that some HJ items came with black
    buttons on them and that they are legitimate. I normally take what Jeff tells me to the bank as fact.:confused:

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    Hello Darin
    bring Jeff here !:laugh:
    Seriously,mine has all the black buttons HJ-DJ.
    But now I amso confused that the
    tunic posted before looks to me as the leader tunic in the sketch! Are me missing some piece of the puzzle? Or maybe we should go back to the DJ trail?

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