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    HJ winter uniform grouping - Bann 507, Ost Ostsee triangle

    just bought this HJ winter grouping all comment appreciated

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    Hi Paul,

    I think we discussed this one before. I'll try to find the thread. Bann 507 was in Austria so nowhere near the location suggested by the triangle. However, Ost/Ostsee never existed (it was "Nord Ostsee") so it's irrelevant anyway. This is an assembled uniform with a fantasy triangle and so close scrutiny of the component parts of the uniform is needed here for sure. Did it come from germanmilitariacollectibles? That's where it was being listed in July 2014.

    In his book (p64) Wim Saris says:

    Triangles with the designation "Ost Ostsee" are considered as "fantasy" items. "Ostsee" was never realigned as "Ost". It is possible that a manufacturer's error occurred as they may have known the Obergebiet was renamed but did not know what name the district was changed to
    Even if we ignore the shoulderboards and give the uniform the benefit of the doubt, the chances of an Ost/Ostsee triangle being found on a legitimate uniform today are negligible.

    Edit: This was the thread I was thinking of Paul.

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    The Guild lists bad HJ items from time to time. Take a look at the Landdienst cuff that has been there forever, bad to the bone. I think he relies on outside sources to verify his HJ items in some cases. I would mention the concerns and direct him to this thread. He will probably pull or revise the item.

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    ALREADY DONE Darrin he is very open to this information

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    This one was for sale on an spanish website by 750 euro since longtime ago. Seems he reduced it at 500 and sold it.

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    apparently it has made the rounds and almost sucked me in. I made the move on it thinking it would be gone in a heart beat as so much of the nice stuff is but really wondered about the triangle. I even commented on the older thread on this outfit so a bit embarrassed did not remember it this forum does work even can straighten out us old dogs

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    Close up of triangle shows it matches the pattern of recent reproduction triangles. An obvious dud.
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    Many, many years ago I was fooled around by a uniform-expert and a so-called owner/HJ-member
    on behalf of such triangles as being "manufacturing" variations. We all know better now, isn't?

    The manufacturing method from post 8 is not recent, but dates back to about 2000!

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    Paul , if you got it for around 500 euro then you paid an ok price ...The Wien straps are worth aprox 130-165 dollars . The pullover blouse is worth about 225-325 dollars (depending if the buttons are Rzm marked) . The ski pants are not regular HJ fall/winter pants , they are ski pattern as it is buttoned from the sides possably civilian worth 75-150 dollars. The cap should have an Rzm mark on the inside of the buckle . To me it looks to be civilian but not sure . If civilian -30 dollars ...if HJ 250 dollars . If the badges are good add an extra 200 dollars .
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