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    HJ Winterbluse

    would love some Opinions on this HJ-winterbluse,all buttons are RZM marked,has a metal collar clip,two shoulderboards with Bann 84 Nord Nordmark with 4 aluminium pips on each board,RZM tag has been ripped off or fallen off,.though traces of an RZM tag is seen on bottom interior & stitching on blouse has unravelled where RZM tag was stitched,it also has multiple white stamps inside of blouse,cheers si

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    Personally , I think the shoulderstraps are homemade . The rank 4 pips would make it the rank of a STAMMFÜHRER. Normally this rank would rate a political brown 4 pocket tunic. If I owned this winterblouse I would replace the shoulderboards with lower ranked HJ enlisted straps

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    HJ enlisted straps

    thanks for your comment,good advice,how can you tell they are home made straps,i am currently doing more research on shoulder boards,& i will keep my eye out for a set of Bann 84 HJ enlisted straps
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    I agree with joe, the bluse would need lower ranked boards. But very nice original one!

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    thanks for your comments & advice fellas,much appretiated

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    Hello ,
    i think the same as joe ,for the straps.
    If you want a pair of 84 ,have a look by hisoll military antiques He had one.(code 27168)


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    You can also use straps for Bann 84 from the city of Schleswig in Nord/Nordmark.
    Hiscoll has a pair is his description :
    Neat, matching pair of red-piped HJ (Hitlerjugend) ie. 'Allgemeine HJ’ shoulderboards, as intended for a: 'Hitlerjunge' within: ‘Bann 84’ (84 = Bann Schleswig) - overall nice, albeit clearly used & worn condition!

    This is a nice - and fully matching! - pair of red-piped (thus ‘Allgemeine HJ’) (Hitlerjugend) shoulderboards, as intended for a 'Hitlerjunge' that served within: ‘Bann 84’ (84 = Bann Schleswig), in overall nice, albeit clearly used and/or worn condition. One of the boards still retains its neat 'RzM'-etiket, being a: 'C-Stück' (something that is not that often the case). The set shows some regular wear and/or age, simply caused by regular usage and/or wear. The boards - which are executed in black-coloured linnen, having red-embroidered '84' numerals and bright-red (rayon-based) piping - come without tongues (they are of the 'sew-in'-type) as found and issued: the boards measure 11 cms. in length as usually encountered. This set was found together with the early-type set which I offer under number 27169: both sets originate from a private house-hold and were never before in a collection. Simply a nice and actually not that commonly encountered set of 'Allgemeine' HJ boards that is IMO accordingly priced!

    Code: 27168Price: 95.00 EUR
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    just purchased them.cheers fellas thanks for your help

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    In less than 20 hours with the guidance of alert members , we have helped a member on his way to a successfull restoration project .
    This is a good example of members helping other members on this forum .
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