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    Home made BDM uniform

    Hi there guys.
    Me and my little girl are off for a weekend.
    We have made this is the best i can do i hope it is pretty near to the real thing .she even has an original day badge.
    Your views on this would be goodmany thanks Pete

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    It is close , well done . The skirt should have 2 pocket flaps on the front .

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    cool it looks great

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    Yes, a nice impression that is instantly recognisable as BDM/JM. The beret disappeared quite early on as the girls didn't like wearing it but your daughter seems happy enough :)

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    Its great that your daughter does reenactments with you

    looks good

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    Thanks guys.
    we went to Overlord in the UK .It was a damm good time there were over 350 military vehicles,heaps of people.
    Got a lot of good feed back( more than i can say about my black algermine SS uniform.When did the world get so anal.
    Never used to be a problem in the UK but now it seems it is not correct to show history correctley any more.
    lets have a WW2 weekend without the Germans?????????

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