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    JM/BDM uniform need advice please

    Hi guys,

    I am new to this forum,
    For few years I am collecting german medals and so.At the moment I would have interest in JM/BDM uniforms for my collection.
    Can anyone recommend trusted dealers whos selling these stuff?
    Tried to search all over the net but didn't found much really accept

    Mostly I am interesting about summer girls uniform, shirt and skirt but I didn't really seen one for sell in years...:)
    this kletter veste I'v seen good couple times but other not really.

    very well appreciated for any comment or advice.please post PM

    regards Peter

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    Hi Peter, and welcome to the forum. BDM uniforms seem hard to find with the exception of the Kletterveste. I think member U869SS (Steve) from the UK might have a BDM uniform for sale, he sold most of his collection. PM him here and ask. Here's a link to his collection here that has been up for sale.

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    thx very much

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