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    Thank you both. Another guess : I just read that there are two types of cloth for the skirt, summer and winter (BDM Sommer und Winter Rockstoffen)

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    In the 1936 price list, "Stoffe" rubric :

    - BDM Rockstoff (Melton) Ausführung I (5 Rpf)
    - BDM Rockstoff (Melton) Ausführung II (3,75 Rpf)

    So I think the I is for winter skirt and the II for summer (less expensive).

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    Quote Originally Posted by joecool View Post
    Here are photos of a BDM skirt that I am 99% possitive being good that sold on ebay last year for around 700 dollars .
    You can see that the buttons are BDM-JM marked and it has SNAP fixtures on the sides . I do realize that there must have been 50 different manfactures of BDM skirts so there are a few variations .
    $700 for that? i would take it at that! like where the RZM tag was and not strategically placed in front of your face like the mint ones!

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    Hallo kameraden!

    I lift Lauri's thread with another BDM skirt... and take a look on the RZM tag :948296!


    So be careful! this item is sold by a french seller,"militaria 39 45".The price is 750euros

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