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    Marine Flakhelfer

    There were a number of Marine Flak emplacements for instance in Kiel and Heligoland staffed by Marine HJ.

    Did their uniforms differ from the Luftwaffe grey/blue uniform cut into the HJ style ?


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    The Navy flak helpers wore in normal operation - depending on the climatic condition - in the West the simple fatigues, in the East the typical gray soldier uniform with a winged grenade on the shoulder staps.

    As a dress uniform [Ausgehuniform] they wore the traditional navy uniform, but only the board's cap [Boardmütze] On the left forearm they had a light blue armband with yellow text Marinehelfer or Oberhelfer. They also had to use the HJ armband, but they often often removed it.


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    Thanks for that info Henrik

    Do you know roughly how many Naval Flak emplacements there were?


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