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    Yep, very nice sports shirt

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    Quote Originally Posted by ss-collector View Post
    aah garry cheers for that! wouldnt mind finding 1st type one with rzm tag or the 3rd type vest.

    trouble is i have only seen one 1st type for sale and it was here, does anyone here have the 1st or 3rd type in there collection they could show us?? i love that full vest type stu has i would die my air pink for that! :laugh:
    Here is a Type 1 and 3 That I have. My type 1 does not have a
    tag and doesnt look like there ever was one.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    I just read your post. Now I will check it out---If that is true I should have it also----I will get back later. I just never noticed a difference-WOW

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    Was just reading over this thread and thought I should comment. I have a Type 1 vest, there is no
    tag, BUT there is an area inside the vest that looks like there was an
    tag there at one point. It is roughly the same shape and size as the
    tags. I will try and post a photo at some point if anyone is interested still.

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    The type 1 vest was in use until 1938 so you will find them with and without the
    tag. Yes, please do add some pics of yours.

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    Just wondering whether you had those pics Hetsar?

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    I will have a try at the weekend to get some Garry.
    I will double check it also, as knowing my luck it may just be a stain.

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    Well I just had a look over my vest and I am unable to even find the area that I thought was from an
    tag. Must of been a stain *sigh*

    Here is my one anyway. Really could do with an iron but I am not sure if that is wise or not?


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    Be careful with ironing. These old fabrics are not all that reliable any more.
    I would just wash/wet it in lukewarm clear water and lay it out flat on another piece of uncoloured cloth.
    I would spread it out only very carefully so it will get rid of the crinkles.
    Do not really pull, like one does with nowadays fabrics.
    I ripped a flag once myself by just pulling it out of the water in the sink/tub with two fingers.
    The water had made it quite heavy and so the cotton ripped.
    Now - that I know better - I use both hands and grab the item from below.
    We have to remember that these items are over 80 years old!

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    Thanks for the advice!
    I remember ironing some WW2 British uniforms once with no issue but obviously they where not 80+ year old sports vests.

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