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    Nord Nordmark winterbluse for a rottenführer

    Today I had some spare time so I added the boards and the triangle to my latest find, a nice winter bluse. It's still in progress since I need to add the armband, but I think it looks nice,uh?

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    Nice job on the restoration Matt.

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    Thanks Patrick! I hope everything is correct. I sew the triangle 8 cm from the shoulder, I used as reference the other bluse I have which appear to have the triangle period stitched.

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    Looking good

    Strictly speaking this setup is incorrect in that a Rottenführer would not have been given command of a Kameradschaft as his rank was too low. The lowest rank permissible for the appointment of Kameradschaftsführer was Oberrottenführer (2 Litzen on each shoulderboard).

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    Thanks Garry
    I am short of litzen, i'll try to get a couple more :)
    until then, let's think he was a very smart and promising Rottenführer :laugh:

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    Garry is correct regarding the rank lanyard. However in Youth Led By Youth Vol. 1 on page 13, there is a photo of an insignia group for a Flieger HJ from Bann 83 Kassel. The grouping shows the insignia of a Rottenführer but there is also the lanyard for a Kameradeschaftsführer in the grouping. Bakers states in the description that the individual is carrying out the duties of a Kameradeschaftsführer. The strap has a wartime volunteer stripe on it and the individual is also a qualified glider pilot and wears the Tradtions Litze. Maybe due to his level of expertise or it being wartime he was allowed to assume the duties of the position. Perhaps the grouping is a put together set could be another explaination, Baker never really explains this in the book. :confused:

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    Hello Darin
    the more I look at the period pics the more I am confused :laugh:
    If you read the thread I started in the lanyard section you will see that also on Littlejohn's book there are very odd pics as well.
    I will anyway adjust the kid as soon as I get a pair of extra litzen.

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    Matt, the photo in Bakers book is just of the insignia itself, not on a uniform. Could be something someone put together, Baker never actually says it's from one uniform or person, he just sort of aludes to that in the photo description. :confused:

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    Today I had some spare time and I finished restoring the bluse. Again, many thanks to Zander for the armband
    I am quite satisfied with the result and the armband blends perfectly with the usage of the bluse. I noticed some dark brown smears on the armband which looks familiar ...I hope I'm wrong
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    It's looking good Matt. I noticed a couple of spots or stains on the triangle, they look good with the stains on the armband. Sort of looks like they were meant to be together. Good job.

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